How to have a successful auction in the heat

How to have a successful auction in the heat

By LJH BSO Example on Mar 21 2017

Auctions are on the rise in this part of the world and having one certainly reduces the total days on market, which is attractive to sellers. If it’s hot – and it usually is – we just adapt.
Have aircon? This is the day to show off that feature to potential buyers.

Four things are key to ensuring a successful action when the mercury is rising, timing, location, hydration and preparation.

1. Timing
Set an appropriate time for the auction and often have them early in the day, before the heat really kicks in.

2. Location
If the auction is on-site, we ensure we have a shady spot for it to take place. Try to find a shady spot for the auction.

3. Hydration
Having cold water on hand for vendors, bidders and the auctioneer, is vital, he adds. That’s where extra staff comes in handy.

4. Preparation
For inspections, both on the day and leading up to the auction ensure any air-conditioning is “cranking”, not only for comfort, but to show potential buyers that feature of the home.

Genuine buyers will always turn up for an auction, despite the conditions.

It might be a bit uncomfortable, but if a house ticks all the boxes for a buyer, they will be there, hot or not.
People can be pretty laid-back up here, so it can sometimes take a bit for an auction to get going, but having an auction campaign means the vendor has a good sense of what price their property might make, because people have already been through and given their feedback. And as an agent, we have an indication of how many genuine buyers are out there.